My Books Ripen in the Fall

August 2, 2019  — The Spooky Season is coming. You can sense it already happening on the socials and in the store aisles. It's time to start planning what you're going to read on future chilly nights beside your pumpkin spice candle and in the light of your glowing skeleton candelabra. I'm here to help. Because I write books that ripen in the Fall. Here are my pitches to you. Links to Amazon throughout, but if you can, please support your local indie bookstore instead.

The New England Grimpendium: New England is synonymous with Fall, and for good reason. It's beautiful and creepy up here. For those who live here or are planning to leaf-peep here, this book has more than 200 creepy sites that you can add to an itinerary and make your road-trippin' even more Halloweeny. [buy]

The New York Grimpendium: New York's reputation for Fall colors and spookiness ain't too shabby either. It's the home of the Headless Horseman and the Hudson Valley, for goodness’ sake. I've got more than 250 sites for you in this one to make your New York Fall more orange and black. [buy]

Poe-Land: The Hallowed Haunts of Edgar Allan Poe: One of our patron saints of Halloween, and a man who mysteriously died in the month of October, this book takes you with me as I search out the sites and artifacts across seven states and two countries that keep Poe alive to thrive in the Spooky Season. [buy]

A Season with the Witch: The Magic and Mayhem of Halloween in Salem: This book has Halloween in the subtitle! If you're making the inevitable pilgrimage to Salem, MA, this season, this book can get you ready. If you’re not, this book can take you there by itself no matter where you are in the world. [buy]

Death and Douglas: So you want fiction fit for the Fall. This is the one. It's got graveyards, a monster, an odd child, the nostalgia of childhood capers, and it takes place over the course of a New England Fall and climaxes on Halloween night. It also mostly takes place in an old funeral home. [buy]

Twelve Nights at Rotter House: This one will be hot-cider off the presses come October, and you can preorder it now (please do!!). Two horror fans spend two weeks in a haunted house. It’s a simple of a premise perfect for an atmospheric reading experience in between watching Halloween specials. [buy]