September 23, 2019: The Halloween House

It was in the 80s today, awful hot, especially for a house that has already stowed its air conditioners and inflated a 12-foot-tall ghoul on its front lawn. I was in Boston most of the day, but when I returned home, darkness had fallen (earlier and earlier now).

Our exterior Halloween decorations were lit up and welcoming, although I can see what we need to tweak. The sheet ghost on the porch needs backlighting. All of our solar stake lights are weak, so we need to upgrade, especially the one that shines on the trio of black cloth witches at the front of the lawn (the featureless globes of their heads light up, but it’s never worth walking out there and finding the three tiny switches that do it).

Still, the glowing Halloween decorations against our black house and the black forest behind it felt like a warm fireplace in the middle of a winter storm, if that makes any sense.

Inside, my wife told me a nice little anecdote. Today, the local middle school’s cross-country team was practicing on our street (we’re at the end of a dead end street that connects through a forest trail to the middle school). Lindsey was inside when she heard the cross-country coach blaring through his bull horn from the far end of the street, “Group A, continue to the hiking trail. Group B, stop at the Halloween House.”

That’s us. The Halloween House. Hopefully it catches on at the school and in this town.