September 24, 2019: A Night of Small Halloween Things

Spent most of the day in Boston again for work. On the long drive home, I listened to the new Halloween episode of the Purple Stuff Podcast where they swapped ideas for oddball songs to add to Halloween playlists. The best recommendation was Concrete Blonde’s Bloodletting (the Vampire Song). Great tune with a spooky edge. That whole Bloodletting album is great. Makes me wish I could listen to music more.

Home by dark, and again welcomed by the glowing arms of our inflatable ghoul and the glistening red eyes of our giant bush spiders. Lindsey must have read yesterday’s post, because the porch ghost is now backlit and there are stronger spotlights in the yard. Let’s see if I can try that again with her: I really need a signed first edition of Ray Bradbury’s Dark Carnival, our bathtub to be full of candy corn, and a surprise Catwalk cast reunion in our kitchen.

Upon arriving home, my kids were ecstatic to see me, yelling my name and jumping into my arms…because that meant they could open their Halloween Kinder Eggs. We had a few at the house, and Lindsey told them that they could have the eggs when I get home because she knows I want to be involved in all candy and toy situations. And Kinder Eggs are both. Along with the chocolate, we each got a small plastic monster ornament that glowed in the dark or changed color. They’re now hanging on a potted plant in the library that has been slowly turning into a Halloween Tree against its will.

Lindsey jetted out for a quick errand, so I watched part of Halloween with the New Addams Family, a television special from 1977. I’ve been watching it in snatches here and there throughout the month. Almost finished with it and will report back.

When Lindsey returned, we settled into our glowing orange living room and watched the first episode of Marianne on Netflix that I keep hearing is super-scary. If this is as big a letdown as Typewriter was (granted, I only go through like three episodes), I’m never believing another “scary” Netflix recommendation again.

And then, after everybody went to bed, I spent the rest of the night working on some OTIS Club stuff. Reading a 19th century book about Sleepy Hollow. Prepping for the next podcast. Working on things connected to my author life. Writing this post.

Speaking of author life, I’m giving away two autographed ARCs of Twelve Nights at Rotter House on Twitter this week. Enter here.

Also remember that I have two imminent appearances (more info here). Saturday, I’m in Westport, Connecticut, to participate in Westport Library’s Storyfest. On Tuesday, October 1, I’m at Tewksbury Public Library in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, to give a talk on Edgar Allan Poe. The entries for those two days will be more interesting than this one. I promise.