The Smashed Man of Dread End

The imaginative and truly horrifying monster at its center makes this tale stand out." ―Kirkus

"Readers of this effectively spine-tingling piece of horror will find it hard to ignore their own dark corners." ―Publishers Weekly

"What a truly original and grotesque monster! There were moments reading when I felt my heart beating SO fast. Highly recommend for fans of middle grade horror and monster stories." ―Laurien Lawrence, author of the Fright Watch series

Noe Wiley couldn’t be more excited to move. After the slumber party sleepwalking incident of last year, she’s ready to make some new friends.

But Noe didn’t expect the sullen, strange girls who live on her new street. And she certainly didn’t expect the strange warning they give her—to stay out of her basement, no matter what.

Noe’s not going to let these girls boss her around. She’ll go in her own basement whenever she wants.

So she does. And there he is.

And now there’s no going back.

The Smashed Man of Dread End is for kids who want a scare but not a ghost story. For kids who know their neighborhood can contain an entire universe. For kids who believe that, in the end, the adults can’t help them. For those readers, I give you the Smashed Man.

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