"There is Another": Danvers Asylum Cemetery 2

August 5, 2020 — I've taken you to the condo'd remains of Danvers State Hospital (aka, Danvers Insane Asylum). Shown you the asylum cemetery on the property. Took you with me as I watched a horror movie on the premises that was filmed...on the premises. And then I thought I was done with the place. But a few months back I learned that there was another Danvers State Hospital cemetery a couple miles away from the main property, and that it still had the original stones. So I went to find it. 

But this wasn't just a regular old cemetery jaunt for me. It was sort of a culmination of my obsession with Danvers State Hospital, one you can hear on the latest episode of Odd Things I've Seen: The Podcast, "Running [to] the Asylum." In it, I tell a story that stretches from my first glimpse of its tower almost two decades ago to visiting this here second cemetery mere months ago. 

Below are photos of that second cemetery, plus some photos of what the Danvers property looks like these days, including a memorial to the site's history.

 Farewell, Danvers State Hospital. Until I discover the next reason to visit you.