Poe-TIS: Poe Things I’ve Seen

December 7, 2014 — Before I wrote a book about Edgar Allan Poe, I wrote a booklet’s worth about Edgar Allan Poe on this site. From casual visits to sites connected to him to pop culture posts centered on him and his works, I obviously needed to write a Poe book. Or at least start a serial killer cult dedicated to him.

I’ve never gathered all that content into one place, so I reckon it’s time to do that. I’m also including links to posts written about Poe during the writing of Poe-Land and after it came out. Because, well, completism. Also marketing.

1. My first OTIS post on Poe was in the debut month of this site, and it was about my visit to his grave. I was so skinny back then.

2. My second Poe post was a visit to his Baltimore statue, which actually occurred on the same day as when I visited his grave, but I didn’t post about it until four months later. Really had to stretch my content back then.

3. I wouldn’t touch Poe again on OTIS until two years later, after I had moved to New England and was excited by living so close to Boston, the city of his birth…while finding it hilarious that the city had yet to embrace Poe’s legacy.

4. The humble beginnings of my Poe collection, which three years later, is much larger, much cooler, but still humble.

5. Richmond, Virginia, where Poe grew up took me two posts, one for the city itself

6. …and one for the Poe Museum, which I can say after being through all of Poe-Land is definitely the center of the Poe-verse.

7. It just so happened that I began indulging in the occasional broader, less personal post around the time that Boston released the finalists for its Poe statue. Little did I know how much the winning design would figure into my life.

8. My original idea for OTIS was to include only one photo per post. That quickly changed to an average of 10, so my original treatment of Poe’s graves needed to be re-done proper-like. So here’s another post on it after one of my many re-visits, complete with photos from the surrounding cemetery.

9. In my two books previous to Poe-Land, I got to write a single entry in each about Poe. So, while doing the New York Grimpendium, it made sense to post some photos of Poe’s presence in New York, although I would eventually learn how much these photos just scratched the surface

10. I visited Lowell Cemetery because of its giant white lion and its witch legend. I would find out thanks to a commenter on that post that it was also the final resting place of Annie Richmond, one of Poe’s many loves.

11. We didn’t visit this unique graveyard in Charleston, South Carolina for its dubitable Poe legend, but that’s always a cherry.

12. It snowed. I’d just won The Following promo mask off eBay. Edgar Allan Snow was (snow)bound to happen.

13. Yeah, I live-tweeted a few episodes of The Following.

14. One of the first things I did for Poe-Land was this party, where I got to see some Poe artifacts, meet some Poe people, and enter the Westminster catacombs for the first time.

15. I would’ve visited this giant raven made of nails even without the Poe connection.

16. Finally, I got to reveal to everyone my untitled Poe book project.

17. I took the opportunity of it being Poe’s death day to post some photos from my Poe-Land journeys thus far.

18. Thanks to the pressures of Kickstarter forcing people with campaigns to talk to anybody who even pretends to be media, I got to talk to actor Jeffrey Combs on the phone about his portrayal of Poe for the stage.

19. A random pictorial progress report on Poe-Land after a day spent in New York City.

20. Even though I lived in Maryland for about a quarter-century, here was the first time I actually made it inside his Baltimore home.

21. My favorite part about the book process is creating the cover, and I was particularly excited about this one.

22. Finally, the book debuted. Here’s my sales pitch.

23, I wrote an article for Roadtrippers.com: Runnin' Down a Dream...Within a Dream: Roadtripping Edgar Allan Poe's America.

24. I also wrote an article for AtlasObscura.com: Leave No Black Plume as a Token: Tracking Poe's Raven.

25. This post was mostly about Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington, DC, but it also features the grave of Poe’s sister Rosalie.

26. See? told you I love the cover process. Here’s an entire post about how the cover came to be and what was left in the idea bin.

27. I was there for the historic unveiling of the Boston Poe statue.

28. It warmed my tell-tale heart to see people taking photos of the book at the Poe sites that it’s about. Poe-Land in Poe-Land, so to speak.

29. I was there for the historic unveiling of the Boston Poe bust.

30. I might be done with Poe-Land, but I’m not done with Poe. I headed to Manhattan to see "Ermore: The Persistence of Poe", an amazing exhibition of Poe artifacts from Susan Jaffe Tane’s collection on temporary display at the famous Grolier Club.

31. Poe-Land’s a weird book that can be somewhat difficult to describe, so I posted the full introduction, hoping it does the job.

32. I confess to inadvertently ripping off the Poe-Land concept from none other than H.P. Lovecraft himself.

33. Some behind-the-scenes photos of my time in Poe-Land.

34. Strange Stuff From My Study, Episode 3: Edgar Allan Poe-phernalia.

35. Why Is Poe So Cool?: An article for MysteryCenter.com.

36. My Night at the Edgar Awards

Book. Buy. The.