The Smashed Man Unboxing 2020 State of the OTIS Shade Swamp Sanctuary
10 Years of OTIS Halloween Seasons A Season with the Witch: A Reading Haulin' Ass to Western Mass J.W. Ocker & Sam Weller
2020 OTIS Halloween Season Intro Ray Bradbury Artifacts Cursed Objects Presentation Dana & F-49 Starfire
2019 OTIS Halloween Season Intro Foxborough State Hospital My Mother The Wind Witch Cenotaph of Newbury
October 30 Wolf Death Site Marker 2018 OTIS Halloween Season Preface Witch Caves
Dead Children's Playground UFO Monument Park Bancroft Ruins on Gibbet Hill Alien Abductee Graves
Return to Claude Rains's Grave NH-NY-PA Road Trip 2017 OTIS Halloween Kickoff Strange Stuff From My Study 6
Chronicle Segment, Part I Chronicle Segment, Part II Ray Bradbury's Ravine Strange Stuff from My Study 5
2016 Halloween Season Launch Ram Tail Mill Ruins Introducing the OTIS Club Concrete City
NH to MD Road Trip o' Oddity Book Announcement: Salem, MA Salem Haunted Happenings Parade Salem's October Crowds
Strange Stuff From My Study 4 2015 Halloween Season Launch Appearance on the Boggis Hour Accepting the Edgar Award for Poe-Land
My Talks Are Cheap Strange Stuff From My Study 1 Strange Stuff From My Study 2 Strange Stuff From My Study 3
2014 OTIS Halloween Season Launch Book Announcement: An Edgar Allan Poe Travelogue Veering into Vermont Road to Rochester-ish
Headless Horseman Chase Route Grave of a Werewolf West Coast Road Trip: Seattle to San Diego Madison Boulder
Abominations of Sugar Blood Cemetery Return to Virginia Safari Park Cheers Bar