Here you'll find those articles and pictures that have nothing, or at least little, to do with traveling to oddity. This is my life between the oddities...because sometimes it's just way more odd there. Also appalling. Includes the annual OTIS Halloween Blog.


Can Halloween Save J.W. Ocker? (25 posts) I Am the War on Christmas Christmas vs. Halloween 2023 Fright Before Christmas

Dreaming of a Wet Christmas A Christmas Carol is a Christmas Con Frosty the Woe-Man Dark Christmas Trees Are Great Metaphors
The Cult of Christmas LaLa's Little Nugget It's Christmas Time! Killing a Christmas in Salem


Cover Reveal: The Black Slide
2021 OTIS Halloween Season (24 posts) The Smashed Man Unboxing 10 Things about The Smashed Man of Dread End 5 Reasons to Take Middle-Grade Horror Seriously


2020 OTIS Halloween Season (52 posts)
2020 State of the OTIS 10 Things About "Cursed Objects" Smashed Man Cover Unveil Ray Bradbury Artifacts


2019 State of the OTIS 12 Things About 12 Nights
2019 OTIS Halloween Season (51 posts) My Books Ripen in the Fall St. Augustine Podcasting Odd Things I've Seen


2018 State of the OTIS
2018 OTIS Halloween Season (75 posts) Ten Things About "Death and Douglas" An Ocean-to-Ocean Odyssey I'll Dig Cemeteries Til the Day I Die
OTIS Club Newsletter Issue 105 Witch City vs. PEM NH-NY-PA Road Trip The New York Grimpendium: Redux


2017 State of the OTIS 2017 OTIS Halloween Season (38 posts) Cover Unveil: Death and Douglas
I Sorta Know What You Did This Summer A Decade of OTIS Issue 52: OTIS Club Newsletter Thing Goodbye, Yellow-Sided Home


State of the OTIS 2016
2016 OTIS Halloween Season (39 posts) Issue 7: OTIS Club Newsletter Thing A 3,260-Mile Road Trip Among the Great Lakes My New Book: A Season with the Witch
The Ghost of an Opinion Let's Talk About the OTIS Club Introducing the OTIS Club NH to MD Road Trip o' Oddity


2015 State of the OTIS
Nashua Holiday Stroll 2015 Halloween Season (39 Posts) Didn't Mean to Have a Spooky Sunday The Book Ends on Ray Bradbury's Home
Before the Cannibals: Walloomsac Inn, 1983 Coasting to Costa Rica My Night at the Edgar Awards Why is Poe so Cool? (
Driving the Desert Strange Stuff From My Study 3 It Was Just a House My Talks Are Cheap


Happy New Weird Christmas Could Learn from Halloween Poe-TIS: Poe Things I've Seen
Poe-Land in Poe-Land Poe-Land: The Introduction Lovecraft Did It If Within the Distant Aidenn
2014 OTIS Halloween Season (40 Posts) My Study, My Sanctum The Debut of Poe-Land Picturing Poe
Have a Coke and a Smile Our 1,621-Mile July Road Trip Our 3,267-Mile June Road Trip Unveiling the "Poe-Land" Cover

2013 OTIS Halloween Season Blog (47 posts) A Leather Grimpendium
Out to SeaQuest Book Announcement: An Edgar Allan Poe Travelogue Johnny Cash Has Never Been Here, Man A Carnival Kind of Night
OTYS: Museo Del Inquisidor Tewksbury Public Library Appearance For Lack of a Moose Chewing on Dinosaur Babies
Cavin' in Boston Cask of Amontillado Wine Tasting Among the Bones Ravens Don't Tweet Edgar Allan Snow, aka the Poe-Man
Revisiting My Private Smithsonian Chuck E. Cheese's: Where a Creep can be a Creep Home is Where the Fright Is A Grim Book in a Morbid Library


A Krushing Nostalgia Our Visit to Charleston, SC 2012 OTIS Halloween Season Blog (52 Posts) Give Us More Space
My Humble Curiosity Cabinet We Make Great Pets My Days in Three Frames A Cover's Worth 1000 Pages
Toddler in a Monster Museum Forever Ray Bradbury My Surprise Basement Is It Halloween?
Why Everybody at Cheers Knows Your Name Scary Monsters, Spooky Kids Dream Trip: Iowa Dead Wrong
Unholy Maggots Dream Trip: Texas Yellow Brick Road Trip Bad-Ass Poe is All Out of Bubblegum
A Long Day on Long Island The Absinthe is Always Greener


2011 OTIS Halloween Season Blog (45 Posts) In Progress: The New York Grimpendium Goodwin Library Appearance Tenney Castle Gatehouse Appearance
Reading and Drinking Dandelion Wine


2010 OTIS Halloween Season Blog (35 Posts) Blogging Christmas 2010 What, the Dickens? Ghosts of Christmas Treats Past
ICE!: How the Grinch Stole Christmas Hershey's Chocolate World (Christmas Edition) Christmas Stowe-Away 8 Reasons Christmas Vacation is the Best Christmas Movie
The Christmas Loft Better Late Than Nevergreen December is an Alternate Universe Christmas Light Festivals
Frosty the Woe-Man This is Why Santa Flies: Our Christmas Road Trip 25 Links to Christmas Harpers Ferry Ghost Town Christmas
Carrots Are for Reindeer On Prancer Merry Christmas 2010